Parth is..

thinking, creating,

observing, collecting,

designing, editing,

adapting, improvising

all while playing around

in Patiala

the Royal City


Experience & Positions of Responsibility

  • May '19 - July -19

    Summer Internship, Arcesium India

    Created Batch Overhaul, a web service to manage jobs in different pods while being able perform actions like hold, disable and clear batches and also visualize their performances real time using Datadog metrics.

  • June '18

    Summer Trainee, DRDO

    Worked in the Ballistic Computer Division to set up the CSD Management System online. Developed the online portal from scratch using Flask, MySQL.

  • May '18 - Present

    Convener, Creative Computing Society

    Organized Google IO Extended, 2018 with the help of Google Developers's Group, hosting students from all over the nation in the summer break of 2018.

  • 2 - 10 Oct '17

    Technical Official, 12th Asian Lawn Bowls Championship

    As a technical official, I conducted various rounds of the game by making judgments on rule infringement, performance, time or ranking.

  • Aug '17 - May '18

    Secretary, Creative Computing Society

    Managing the finance of the society by deciding annual budget allocations and clearing the bills. Started the weekly technical workshops for society members which turned out to be highly successful. I mentored a team of 20 students, along with whom we orgnaized technical competitions and hackathons.

  • Aug '16 - Aug '17

    Member, Creative Computing Society

    Organize Technical Fests of Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. Conduct workshops on upcoming technologies and global trends in Computer Science

  • Aug '16 - Aug '17

    Member, Econ Club

    Organize Economics Fest of Thapar InStitute of Engineering and Technology. Meet weekly for discussions on global politics, business and finance

Projects and Competitions

Plug and Play Cluster

•Created a master-slave distributed system which assembles a cluster instantaneously without any hardware setup or software installation • The slave nodes are added which can perform any job assigned to them by the master • The master system accepts a job and disintegrates into smaller tasks which are then assigned to the slave nodes. Upon completion of the task, the output is sent back to the master which assembles all the outputs and displays the result

  • Django
  • MySQL
  • Distributed Computing

Winner, HackExchange'18

24 hour inter college Hackathon organized in TIET

Eduwave: A 20 hour hackathon where my team developed a web app which analyses the attention of a person viewing a video using the Brainwave EEG Headset. This helped the content providers to filter their content using the analyses of different viewers.

  • Python
  • TKinter

2nd Round, Google Code Jam

Amongst top 4500 across the globe to make it into the 2nd round of Google Code Jam, 2018

  • Java

Node Postal Service

An app for Postal Service to transport the mails from one H.O. to another H.O. using the shortest path and minimum number of trucks, thus minimizing the cost of transport

  • Python
  • SQLite
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

Winner, Source Code

18 hour intra college Hackathon organized in TIET

Package Installer: A GUI provided to the package installion. A specified package can be installed from pip, easy-install or .whl files present in the system depending upon the users choice.

  • Python
  • TKinter

Winner, Coder of the Year '18

Competitive Programming contest organized in TIET

  • Java

MFUpdate Telegram Bot

A telegram bot which scraps values of two mutual funds- Reliance Top 200 and HDFC Small Caps, from and sends on telegram every hour describing the profit/loss

  • Python
  • Telegram API

Runner Up, Hack '18

12 hour intra college Hackathon organized in TIET.

The Translator: A web app which converts the English content of website to any language for people who aren’t comfortable in English.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • PHP

Runner Up, Reverse Coding '17

An inter college coding competition where teams were supposed to write complex codes while simultaneously cracking the codes of other teams

  • Java
  • C++

Weather App

Used DarkSky API, Google geocode API and Flicker API which takes the location of user and gives the weather along with a picture of the area.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • AJAX


A calculator for basic and scientific calculations

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript

Other Projects and ECA


July-Dec '17Mangonel

Can throws any object upto 70m


April '17Infinity Mirror

Physics Project


January '17Econvista

Came 3rd in Mock IPO and winner in MAAA in Econvista '17, organizedby LSR, DU


December '16Cell Phone Detector

Blinks whenever a cell phone in it's vicinity calls someone or gets a call from someone



Bagged 57th rank all India in 10m AIR PISTOL junior category


Ramakrishna Mission

An active volunteer of the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram. Organized the Annual Durga Puja twice, while promoting the principle of Swami Vivekanand